August 21, 2008

Ode to the Olympics!

Here's my little Nastia. Isn't she cute. We are so sad the gymnastics are over. My Grayce. She is a gymnast. I tried to caputre her acrobatics as best I could below. She practices them all the time, folks. She is talented, too. Of course, I am biased- I am her mama. However, she is only 4 years old and she had already mastered a cartwheel (at age 2), a round off (age 3) and is working on her back handspring. She's a little bit of a dare devil you see. Even if her clothes don't match today.

We must work on our form. Her toe pointing needs to be handled. But I see greatness in that cute belly button.

More Olympic action continues, and we will be watching- even though no more gymnastics. We liked to watch the trampoline jumpers too. Anyone see those? They train those folks at Grayce's gym. They have the coolest trampolines at SSB Kids! We also are loving Diving (although sad swimming is over too, Gavin was a HUGE MIKE FAN!), and Track and Field. Can't believe how fast those people are. Running the 100 in 9.6? C'mon. It would take me 9 seconds to get up from down on my knee like that. Is there an Olympic mom event? Like, I could change a diaper in 9.6. Whatever are we going to do when we have to go back to normal TV. It's going to be SO boring!
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Katrina said...

Our household will be missing the Olympics when they sadly come to an end on Sunday evening. They rule our TV and we love rooting Team USA on! Only 2 more years until the Winter Games!


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