August 4, 2008

I'm Home, Glad I'm Not at Rush, & At the Car Wash- A Random Post...

"At the car wash" is the song in my head when I see these pictures, even though I took them in my driveway, last night. Anyway that means- I am home. Back from college town. And very happy I am not one of the 642 college freshman parading around campus today at rush (er, recruitment), while its 212 degrees trying to impress a bunch of over happy girls singing silly songs to me! Whew! That sounds like a bad dream. Okay, it was fun at the time about a million and twleve years ago. But it's over now. Thank the Lord. (But see more about them at the end)

Here are the 2 young 'uns helping their dad wash his car last night in the driveway. We had to wait till almost dark since it is so hot. Then, you have to wash fast and rinse fast or it will dry out. Remember, it's really hot. Did I say it was HOT?

They were working like mad out here, cleaning this car. Now, I wonder why this can't happen inside-say- in their rooms for instance?
Yah- I see you workin'- buddy.

Now for photos of what I was helping with in college land! I do wish my Delta Tri's the best this week. You can see a few photos of the girls below. And see our new floors...gorgeous.All the best, ladies! (Edited 8/9) My Tri Delta ladies had and incredible recruitment, actually going over quota with a group of outstanding new girls! More news will be posted soon on the alum & collegiate sites!

The new decor is so lovely. And do you know while I sweated over the lush new guest bath & chapel re-model (sweated, A LOT with Kacey and Emily and a wallpaper steamer!) I did not take a new photo of those rooms? What was I thinking? Huh? Hello? I will find some photos, never you mind. Don't worry! Those 2 rooms are pretty too. They are. REALLY pretty.

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Phi Upsilon #1097 said...

i love the floors and all of the new stuff! it makes me so so happy! thanks for taking photos... sorry i couldn't be there to help this week:(


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