August 18, 2008

Great Grannies

Yesterday we went to Stroud to visit Granny. Granny is my grandmother, my dad's mother. And Saturday had been her 83rd (hopefully I am correct) birthday. Saturday was also, the day Elvis died. This is how I generally am reminded it's Granny's birthday. Weird, I know. I mean, it was her birthday first after all. But, whatcha gonna do if it's just in your brain like that? And, Granny has a weiner dog named Peanut. The kids think he's great. She also has a big swing, they also think that's great.

We went to take Granny to lunch, and there isn't all that much to choose from in Stroud- as you can imagine. If you watch the Food Network, you may know that Guy from Diner's, Drive-In's and Dive's visited there on his Route 66 show not too long ago and stopped in to film part of a show at the Rock Cafe. Well, the kids were all excited to eat there. Granny was still in church when we got to town, so we took a quick loop around main- only to see the Rock Cafe was burnt to the ground! What? I guess Granny forgot to mention that piece of news to us.

One day the kids will realize how lucky they were to know 4 great grandparents, including Granny, as many of their friends have older parents now and some don't even know their grandparents. But our kids still have my grandmother's and both of Joe's dad's parents. My own great grandmother Dirck, lived until my teens and taught me to crochet. I also remember both my Granny's parents. Great Papaw Brown would keep his change in a tea cup on a table behind his chair for us, and Granny Brown would always sit in the same chair to the right of the door. Both my grandfather's mother's I just barely recollect from the nursing homes, but I still remember visiting there. I couldn't have been much older than my Grayce is now, though when most of them had passed.

Again, we must work on the taking of a good picture together. At the same time. Why can two kids not smile, at the same time nicely, with eyes open, and no craziness? Why is this so hard? Why? Why? Why?

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Becky :) said...

I found your blog from PW's comments and I think you have the most adorable blog. The background is so cute. Your kids are cute too.
It's so nice when young kids can have their great grandparents around. They can learn so much from them. My kids don't have any grandparents nearby as my Mom lives in Maine and my dad has passed. But they ask questions and I provide answers. said...

Wow - you reminded me how much my kids missed. I had my kids in early and late thirties. My parents and their parents were deceased, so they never really had the grandparent/great grandparent experience.


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