August 23, 2008

Found Favorites!

I found all these favorite photos of Gavin just yesterday on a random CD. I was so excited, because they are my favorites of when he was about 2 and 3 years old. Above, one day he climbed himself in the toy box we kept in the family room at the time, and fell asleep. Oh, this is so great for so many reasons. Mainly, the boy- well, he never fell asleep. I had come out of the bedroom or something just to find him this way and about fell over. Priceless.

This one, doesn't even need words does it? So stinkin' cute, he was (is!)

This was one of those not cute at the time shots. This is Gavin with our weim Mattie. They had been playing in some water and mud together. It wasn't pretty. But, boy were they ever having fun at it!

This is one of Gavin's very first western lessons at age 3. Fun with shaving cream in the bathtub, a treat sometimes.

This one I will hold for ultimate embarrassment privileges later. Gavin with his hiney on the throne, checking out a hiney. Heh. Hahahhahahhaha. Ho ha ha. This is NOT staged people. I can't make this stuff up. We so just found him this way. The boy has a way with cracking us up.

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skoots1mom said...

what precious pics!
your kids are adorable.


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