August 19, 2008

Gavin & ADD

Oh, this boy. He gets to me. I don't usually post about his ADD, but today I am. I am learning more and more about it as he gets older and more signs become evident. More things I can't control. More things he can't control. I don't know what to do with him sometimes. With school starting, and football, and this and that, it's overwhelming to him and his little brain is on overload. I have to remind myself not be so angry at him, but it is so hard! So frustrating! Today was a bad day. A really bad day. He is a good kid and this has some hold on him I can't do anything about. I mean, I take him to the best Dr., we get the right treatment, but it's still there. It's so much more than just an attention issue. It affects everything lately. I just want him to be able to function the way kids do, and he can't. I am so sad for that and I don't know that I can fix it. When you can't fix it for your own baby then it gets to you. Edit: Today is a better day and we usually have much better days. This beginning of a new year is tough. I have just had an epiphany of sorts. It's better.
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Ryter said...

Honestly? Every kid has their issues. Just love him and keep rolling with the punches. He will find his way in the world. It may not be the way you would have chosen but he has his part to play in this game of life. : )

HDMac said...

Sweetie... just keep looking up..... will keep you in prayer...


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