August 29, 2008

Visiting Stella

At long last Grayce got to visit her friend Stella! Yes, the infamous Stella Bella. Stella moved to a town about 30 minutes away from us, and we no longer go to the same pre-school.

So, we have had to make some serious plans to visit. At Stella's new digs there is a pool and a horse- both of which Grayce could hardly wait to happen upon. First, there was swimming.

Then there was a lot of playing and ...finger painting- of course.

Really ooey, gooey finger painting. Before that there was lunch, and more playing and running and jumping.
I am making no mention of a horse here for a reason. You see, Grayce was not really into the horse, past a swift pet on the nose. Sure, she had grand plans of riding him and all and had told her brother all about how she was going to- making sure to rub it in really good before we went. You know- because she knows just how to push his buttons, and we all know that there is hardly anything Gavin LOVES more than to ride horses. Well, she wouldn't even feed that horse a treat.
Everyone wave to Mr. Joe, the horse, way out in the field!

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