August 22, 2008

Quick, look! Their rooms are clean...

I found these pictures today, from when we put a contract in on a house a while back. We didn't get that house & I haven't found another I like since, so we aren't moving now. But for a few, very brief moments my children did have clean rooms, because we told them we might be selling & they had to clean if they wanted to move to a house with a pool. Hey, it worked. We might have to use that one more often.

Grayce's room looks incredibly pink in print.

This is extremely, extremely clean for Gavin- even though there is a basket of laundry on the bed. I hadn't gotten to that yet. The dog crate is always in there. Jack is a fixture in his room.

Still makes me want to clear out about 38 more pounds of clutter just looking at these. But, if I took a picture of what this looks like now, you may just want to crawl somewhere and hide.

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Heather said...

I just clicked over to your blog from The mom Blogs. I live in the South so it caught my attention. Very cute blog!!
Heather @ &

Hannah a.k.a.Topiary Lady said...

They are neat! It's a constant thing in life with kids isn't it?

HDMac said...

Their rooms are really neat!!!!


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