September 30, 2008

Bixby North Jog A Thon

Each year, our schools big fundraiser is the Jog A Thon...and this year we had 2 runners- since Grayce started to Pre-K. This is a huge event, usually raising over $40K for the school. It is so successful in fact, it is the ONLY fundraiser we do. You should try one if you need an idea to raise money, while promoting exercise!

This was the week of Gavin's injury- he has on the big black brace. He ran despite the ankle problem, and made 19 laps. His teacher was very concerned about him, and made him slow down and walk a lot- or we might have made more rounds. He did great- I was just happy he didn't complain and wanted to run in the event. The kids really like it. After it's over they get popsicles and water.

Grayce's class ran on a smaller track- on grass- to prevent injuries since they are small. Good thing, because there were a few wipe outs! Grayce made 16 laps!

The other great thing about this event is it totally wears them out! Just look at this tired red-faced baby having her popsicle. She totally had a 2 hour nap after school.

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