September 19, 2008

Hush A Bye, Baby

Yesterday, it was "Nursery Rhyme" character day at Grayce's school. This is really the schools way of allowing the kids to dress up and it not be labeled "Halloween". This would be my humble opinion, of course. Anyway, we were sent a long list of suggestions. I generally don't have any Jack Be Nimble's handy. But, when given the chance to be a baby- and get her beloved PACIE back for a day- Grayce was not giving up that chance.

So, Hush A Bye, Baby she was. We found all the items we could. The pacie (of course), a bib, a little blankie- we put her in pajamas, and off she went. I fixed all these errant tags she has hanging out- AFTER the photos, of course. She was ever so pleased to be called a baby, because she got to have that pacie back. Lately, she isn't so fond of the word. Well, she tells me I can still call her that- but quickly reminds me she 'WILL be marrying a boy, you know, MOM'.

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