September 22, 2008

The Monday Day Football Report

So as not to disappoint those who log in for 3rd grade football coverage, here are the photo's from the weekend game. Unfortunately, we lost. And not by a little either. They had film on us, we didn't on them. YES. There is film circulating in 3rd grade football. Obviously, it is necessary. Above, the boy is up front in a great running shot. No, I do not remember why, to or from what they are running.

This one is a good defensive effort. My husband will tell me if I am wrong- but I think the boy was back at corner most of this game. That is except for a few times, when he had a headache because someone else's helmet hit his. Then he didn't want to play for awhile- I guess. This is only here say from the sideline. He went back in anyway after a bit. Meanwhile, I was on the other side witnessing why it's good to have film. They immediately knew a substituion we made would cause a certain weakness, changed the play, and scored. I was clearly standing in a blue shirt on their sideline, but I heard all the- uh-"chatter" for lack of a nicer term. I mean, all the "Look, 28 is in for 42- change up red45 to p67 and put Davis on the right." (and I changed the numbers to protect the innocent, so don't try and decipher) This kind of took the fun out of it, if you ask me.

Anyway, on to next week. And, we have film on them don't we?
(As always, all the photo fun HERE! )

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