September 2, 2008

Labor Day Road Trip-( BLOG TRIP Day 2)

We went on a road trip yesterday, so you can "join" us in 2 ways! This is how much gas is around here. So, it was $100 to fill up the truck and head to Spavinaw and Little Blue State Parks here in Oklahoma, land where we live and about an hour away from where we acutally live. (sidenote for the Blog trippers: We can't walk anywhere to save on it, really. We'd be walking a LONG while. We are just not set up like that! We bought a small honda for my husband to drive into work to save some, since it is over $100 to fill up that truck. He works in oil and natural gas though, so we are in a "catch 22" so to speak! And, I know we are in an area that can't complain too much on price- so I won't!)Here is the link to all of our photos, because, well- I take a lot!

So, stick your head and join the fun! Heh. Ha, ho, ha ha hah. This is a great place for some fun. My kids love it. This is our second trip over in just 2 months.
It's a beautiful place!

Lots of splashing in that ice cold clear creek water!

Lots of gorgeous photo ops.
And my first born, he trys to catch the tiny fish in nets all the live long day. He is very persistent. Not successful, mind you. But this is not for lack of trying!

Thanks for sharing in on our road trip!

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Kate said...

Hey- Found you on the Blog Trip (as usual I'm a slacker and haven't even gotten to the second day's post - maybe tomorrow!)
Anyway, glad I found you - wonderful blog! We used to be a southern family living in Mississippi (right outside of Memphis) but now we are a Yankee family living in North Dakota! Talk to you later.

1stopmom said...

Your kids are just adorable!! I love the pics too. The kids look like they are really enjoying life and having fun. It is so nice to meet you.

kirsty815 said...

Very cute pictures, looks like a lovely place.

I love the layout of your other blog it very pleasing on the eyes.

Happy Road Trip

Parker Family said...

I think you're the cheapest I've seen so far in this blog trip. We're still closer to $4 a gallon here.

Joan said...

Oh love the pic of your lil girl with her head under the water... that is a keeper...

checking back on day 2 of the blog trip =)


Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Looks like you all were certainly having fun!!

Charlene said...

I love the water pics. Your son has the blondest hair I have ever seen!

blog tripper here :)

jenny said...

good thing we are well right now on this blog trip we are saveing some gas (lol)

ModernMommy said...

That cold creek looks blissful right about now. We are unpatiently waiting for the end of summer here in Phoenix and I am about read to drive to OK so I can just lay in that creek!
Thanks for the blog trip!


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