September 13, 2008

Vintage Style Football Pics

This week, Gavin's Bixby Blue team played Stillwater, and won 13-7. For some reason this week- he didn't play a single play of offense, even though he had quite a stellar game last week at the one back spot. He was in at defense most of the game at safety- not even what he played at last week. Not sure what that change up is about either. Anway, I'm just the mom. Whatever. This week my photos are taking a different edit- vintage. Above, that is not even my kid. That is one of the 3 Zach's. He runs a lot- he gets a lot of great pics taken. He's on the blog because its a great pic. I don't know who that Stillwater player is, sorry.

Here is my boy on the right running during kick off.

Here he is again, not doing anything all that exciting. If you are the safety and other people do their jobs, then your mom can't take your picture of you in action much.

Fiddlestix, they almost made that a good picture for us! Also, as always, you can view all the football pics here.
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