September 3, 2008

Let's Eat, Blog Trip Day 3

Here is my cluttered kitchen, where we eat a lot.
This is Shogun! A Japanese Steakhouse, where they cook in front of you and make fire and onion volcanoes and all of that. It's my kids favorite, and only for special occasions- because it breaks the bank.
We also like to eat Mexican food here!

Some friends of ours own this chain, where we also like to go because they have the best fries! Thanks for stopping by...I'm getting hungry now!

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Charlene said...

I have never been to a Japanese Steakhouse. I have heard of them before (not called that, but something different).

I like your cluttered kitchen (not as bad as mine).

Parker Family said...

I wrote about Teppanyaki's Steakhouse on my blog! We have something in common.

Brandie said...

i must say there are some things i loved about your site ..:) have a great week and enjoy those cuties :)

Mars said...

Sounds cool and delicious!


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