September 24, 2008

The Boy is Injured and Bird Head Girl

Gavin has suffered a sprained ankle from football practice. While at the ERgent Care, he thought it would be ever so cool for himself to have a broken leg ( a boy/kid thing?), but alas (or thank goodness), it was not broken. I am really not sure he would have thought that for more than 38 seconds, because he is already complaining every 30 seconds about wearing this aircast he has on for the next 3 days. Here he is pleading with his sister to let him in the car. She locked him out.

He is making his point quite clear to me with some Italian like motioning, that his sister has in fact locked him out again.

Finally, he's in.

What? Who? ME? With the bird on my head? I would never lock my injured brother out of the car. No way. I am in no way responsible for such antics.
PS For those who have inquired, yes...Adorable bird head girl STILL needs back stage passes to Taylor Swift in Tulsa! And/ or I need luck to win some today!

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1 comment:

Hannah a.k.a.Topiary Lady said...

I hope he heals well! That's no fun being a kid!


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