September 29, 2008

Monday Football: We Got to Play on the New Field, But We Lost

The new Bixby High School field was finally ready enough for people to play ball on it! Yes, it is 4 weeks into the season. They were a little behind. Not all the younger boys will get a chance to play on our new turf- but, as luck would have it, our only game scheduled at the HS was to be played AFTER the high school's first game there Friday night. So, we got lucky. Basically, the field had to be ready for the HS game- so we benefited. The younger boys really like to play on the HS field- and not the 'ol soccer/ football field that we are usually on...but, it works. Anyway, glad we played there but we lost. Above: Mason & Gavin bring down a Broken Arrow player.

Above: These 2 are just from the game, and I put them on because I like them.

Maybe I will have better news to report next week. Right now we are all sick with some horrible sinus issue, and I am not feeling very creative. So, I don't have much else to add.

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