September 10, 2008

Wayback Wednesday- NEW! (You can play to)

Every Wednesday, we are going wayback...for the purpose of blogging. So, get out your old photos, new pics of your kids in old fashions, or just stories about old stuff. But, it has to be wayback back- like the 80's & beyond-o. I will put a Mr. Linky on and you can share to, and it will be fun. I was inspired by THAT family and her 'fro me to you' series...and maybe I will even throw in a contest- because I had so much fun with this weeks winners! See right.Anway, here is my very first one. But, pay attention, or you will be confused.

This is MY MOM. She is being given flowers from JOE'S UNCLE. This was in 1976. I was born in 1974, Joe was born in 1975. We did not meet until 1994. So, for the record Joe's uncle gave my mom some flowers 18 years before we ever met. Why? I bet you are asking yourself.

First, Joe's mom is the youngest of a whole lotta kids. So, he has cousins older than she is. My mother taught some of these cousins in high school, and some of them belonged to said uncle. Anyway, lets also just say that my mom was sure hoping Joe was nothing like said cousins. Anyway at some sports banquet, my mom was presented some flowers- and Joe's unlce was the presenter in Stroud America. This is totally random-ness, I tell you. And it is even more random that Joe's Aunt kept the picture and gave it to me like 24 years later. Are you ready for more??

That said Uncle is Santa Claus. He looks like this all the time and totally weirds my kids out. Yip, our Uncle IS Santa. At Tulsa Promenade Mall...maybe you have had your picture with him too?? (well, he was there for many years, but now he is at a mall in Arkansas- this makes things a little easier) He is a great Santa, really great. Very authentic, and everything- IF you are not related to him because then its confusing as to why he isn't at the North Pole making toys and why he is at the lake for a family reunion or what not. You know, normal kid questions.

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Pat said...

I wondered where our favorita Santa went. Glad he is still making children happy playing Santa. We have five years of pics with him and our son. I can see how it would be confusing having him as an uncle :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. I could not keep up. But I come from a small town and my life is a version of your story. Ummm, ever heard of Sarah Palin? We went to the same high school and I've been friends with her youngest sister since the early 90's. We have all sorts of connections to her - it's strange.

We are THAT Family said...

What are the odds of that? Weird! And cool!

And the whole Santa thing is hilarious!

D... said...

What a small world, huh? Very cool!

Your blog is very cute!

D... said...

P.S. I see you have a hedgehog. My daughter is saving her money for one. Is it a fun pet to have?

Valarie said...

My next door neighbor growing up was "Santa" it always freaks my kids out when he calls me by name. ;)

HDMac said...

It truly is a small world... great post and pics!

Muthering Heights said...

He certainly looks the part!


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