September 26, 2008

TAYLOR SWIFT & Rascal Flatts: Concert Report!

Here is Grayce, all decked out and ready to go! (maybe I should note here she is holding her dear taggie blanket behind her back- but I don't even notice it because its been around so long- BUT, it is not part of her outfit. Also, yes, there is an unknown substance dripping down my wall. IDK, you can only see it in photos. It's mysterious.) She was a hit at the show in her boots! We went early to see if we would win the backstage passes, and of course we didn't. But some little twirp who they let put her name in at the last second did. Oh yeah, we're not bitter.
Grayce and Gigi get ready to rock.

Lighting is not so great- but we tried to capture as much as we could. Grayce was so very excited!

Here are Grayce and Taylor- this is about as close as I could get them together! Taylor did "Our Song" (Mama Don't Know) second, so Grayce was thrilled. She was rockin' out most of the time and I had to hold her 46 pounds (maybe 48 with those boots), most of it so we could see. My back is reminding me this morning- but it was worth it. She was SO excited to see her when she came out. Taylor also sang her new "Love Story", which I like more than Grayce- maybe because I have heard it more already. We are sure excited for her new album (well, excited and ready- bc believe me I have the whole old one memorized by now!). I have it pre-ordered for us- because if you were one of the first how ever many, then you could submit a fan pic (aka Grayce's cute face)- and it will be in the CD cover somewhere. How cool is that? (AND yes,-I will add a link to ALL our pics at the end of the post.)

This is when Rascal Flatts came out. Grayce doesn't really know them much- except for the "Life is a Highway" song from Cars. They did it second. After that, she was done. And, she fell asleep. Zonked out. Therefore, I chose to let her sleep for the next hour so I could see the rest of the show- otherwise I might have had to carry her to the car like 4 blocks away. She was NOT pleased about having to wake up and walk to the car- but I don't think I could have convinced her to do it without the nap. So, all's well that end's well- I guess. We made it home and she zonked back out immediately. She was so out of it that this morning, about 6am (it was still dark & Joe had just left for work), she says "Where's dad? Is he still as football with Gavin?"

She is still talking about her love for Taylor this morning...she is still very excited about getting to see her (even if it was from 100 yards!) So, that's all that matters. But, someday- I will figure out how to get those connections for backstage passes. People get back there, and I am going to figure it out!


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Tammy said...

So glad she had fun.....that was a night that she will remember for a long time.
Ahhh I love mother/daughter moments!

Carol said...

I am so glad that Grayce had fun. Her outfit was adorable and I am sure that this is something she will remember forever.

Midwest Mama said...

Hi, OK here is my email

I would love help with the playlist. I think it is a nice touch.


Hannah a.k.a.Topiary Lady said...

The funny thing is that Taylor Swift grew up one town over from me! But, I don't know her or her family, they have all since moved to TN. SORRY! (I've only lived here for 2.5 years)

Glad you had fun!


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