September 9, 2008

Grayce's Great Granma Quilt

Recently, my granma made Grayce her very own quilt. Grayce couldn't be more proud. Great Granma put a heart on it with her name, and Grayce's name- which is totally up Grayce's alley. She carried that sucker around all over. But, it is big- like it fits her twin size bed. So, in order for her not to continue to cart it around over 10 counties- I had to suggest we put it on her bed. Ok, so it doesn't exactly match the previous pink toille and ballet fairies very well. But, hey it's 4 year old decorating sense, and she is so loving showing it off to whomever wanders in the house. She's her own little self, that's for sure!
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HDMac said...

What a priceless gift!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Grayce is a cutie!


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