September 22, 2008

School Picture Day!

Today was the day..the day when school pictures were returned and you can see what your children looked like while posing- at school- after they had the opportunity to eat, run, play or what have you. You never know what may happen. Now, I even volunteered once for picture day when I was able- and I was good. I did not let a hair, shirt, collar, or pair of glasses go astray. Some moms are not so attentive. I'm just saying, you know. Anyhow, this is Grayce's first official school picture. Not bad. She looks pretty stinkin' ornery, but that really can't be helped.

Gavin's is not so bad either, although I am not sure what that look is about. He informed me he was trying NOT to smile. Probably because that wouldn't be cool or something. Boys.

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